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Related post: Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:47:40 -0800 From: Gary Pinto Subject: Part 1 "RANDY SHELLY""RANDY SHELLY" By Max the Cat (b-b/b-M/b) Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail.comPart 1: Found Accidentally! Twelve year old shiny models tgp Randy Shelly had lots of time on his hands. He sat in front of his computer and surfed. He somehow found a chat room on the B.T.W. network and with preteem video model his web cam on he started reading what the others were chatting about. Randy ran his fingers through his sandy blond hair and found his four inch penis getting hard, the talk was really raw and it small model helicopters was all about model fuck hard boys his age. He wore a dark blue tee shirt and his smiley face Joe Boxers and his left hand slipped collectible motorcycle models in between his tummy and elastic black band and held his hard penis, wetness had made the red head slippery, his thumb rolled in the liquid and gave him a funny thrill into his body. His mind was blurred when lettering appeared on his screen "who are you, your handle?" He shook his head "and typed "who, me?" "Yes, you beautiful, I love those blue eyes, and that rosy mouth." Again he typed "me?" Quickly lettering appeared "are you a retard?" He sat up straight? Fuck no, I'm Randy." "lol" was the reply. This really excited Randy, he was alone and being watched, it was so nasty. "Who are you?" Randy asked the voice. There was a click and a man appeared on his screen, naked aneli nude model from the waist up. "I'm Sal, Sal Genoa, and your Randy, Randy what?" Randy regained some bit of composure. "I'm Randy Shelly!" Sal grinned and looked the boy up and down "your beautiful Randy Shelly. You know I would love to see you naked Randy Shelly" Sal said in a forceful voice. Randy blushed. "Sal are you naked?" Randy asked being forward. Sal stood up and holding his malyshok child model big purpled headed penis he waved it at Randy. Randy couldn't move he just stared at the big cock and his small red tongue licked his lips over and over again. "You like it don't you Randy" and jacked it back and forth. Sal smiled, Randy's boxers stood pointed forward. "I see you do Randy, I bet you would love to hold it, wouldn't you Randy? Randy stared, his head nodded up and down. Sal pushed the meeting forward "can I see yours Randy?" Randy couldn't resist and pushed his boxers down to his knees, his four hard inches pointed straight out. "Your boner is very lovely Randy, I wish preteeee nude models I was there to suck it for you, you would love that wouldn't gaymodelpicture you Randy?" Randy couldn't help himself and nodded "yes!" The attention was new to Randy, he walked with a limp, born with a club foot, the operation on the foot was botched and although the foot looked normal presteen models girls the nerves were damaged. The kids in school made fun of him "the gimp" was what he heard most of the time. bikini 14y model Here in front of his computer model teen board screen he was the center of attention and he was making the most of it. Sal sensed that he could make something marlene model nude of this boy and angels models he moved in, he had noticed the limp and he decided to exploit it. "Randy, you sprain your ankle?" He asked with a voice of concern. Randy looked into the screen "no, I have something wrong with my foot and I limp" he said in a confrontational voice. "Sal said "so, your still very lovely to look at, I think your very hot Randy, especially your butt!" Randy immediately looked back over his shoulder at his butt. And he smiled. His butt was well rounded and he turned his back to the screen for Sal to get a good look. "Sweet" daisy model csm he heard from Sal, "you know it's a bit heart shaped, it gives me a hard on Randy, I wish I could plant a kiss on it." Randy blushed deeper. "You really like it Sal?" Sal smiled broadly "Randy I would lick it for hours!" Randy got really hard! Randy turned around and showed Sal his very hard penis. Sal's mouth was watering. He swallowed. "Jack it off superchildmodel for me Randy; 3ds models download I want to see you cum!" small model railroad Randy said nothing, he took it in his fist and began to fulfill Sal's wish. Back and forth he jacked him self, his breathing got faster and deeper. Everything was so exciting he looked back at Sal who was leaning into the screen watching the fist jack back and forth, bikini car model the red head swelling, the slit opened, and Sal got his wish. Creamy slashes turkish model nude hit in the air and landed on a white leather type chair. Randy's ass was rocking back and forth as the sperm left his young body. He stood there and looked at Sal, his blue eyes far off in sexual release. Randy then looked at his hand, he had cream on his fingers and Sal whispered "taste it Randy, lick your fingers clean!" Randy's red tongue licked the hot semen clean and smiled at Sal, Sal was now jacking off! Randy sat on the stool in front of the screen and watched Sal stroke himself. Randy loved to watch the hard stalk and Sal's heavy breathing. "I wish your were here to suck me off Randy, I would just love that." Randy was still breathing heavy and childartmodels his mouth formed an "O!" "That's it Randy suck me, take my cock deep in your mouth and suck like you've never sucked a cock before." The big cock exploded and Randy's head snapped back, he was hard again, this meeting was the hottest thing that had ever happened to him in his young life, and it was just Sal and him, alone in his room. Sal nn pink model fell back, cum al over his hairy chest. He scooped some up nonnude ukrainian models with his fingers and brought to nadia child model the screen, then into amature naked models his mouth and licked it clean, Randy shivered! Sal cleaned up. Randy sat in front to his screen "that was so hot Sal, I came hard and I am hard again." Randy said proudly. Sal smiled "I'm glad you like it Randy, I loved looking at you, have you done anything with anyone Randy? Randy blushed "what do you mean Sal? "Please Randy, you know what I mean!" "Oh, nude willeymodels sex stuff?" Sal pressed Randy on. "I-I-I, you know Sal, I-I-I and a friend named Marty, were in 100 nonnude model his basement peteen models nude and he asked to see mine and I took down my pants." Randy stopped a bit embarrassed. "Was that all Randy?" Sal trying to get something on Randy, he took his out and we held each other, he got down and sucked illegal model tgp me." He admitted. Sal got a crooked grin, "and did you like it Randy?" He nodded, yes!" "I knew bodypaint models it, and what did you do Randy, I bet you sucked him also, right?" teenmodel pass Again Randy nodded "yes." petite models ukraine "It felt good, didn't it Randy, I know it did." Randy was really blushing now! "I bet you came in his mouth, right?" Sal kept pressing on. "Randy grinned and said "lowly yes, it really felt good." San moved on "did you suck him off, lia model boots I bet you did." Randy's eyes looked down "yes, Sal I did him too!" Sal smiled. "I live in Glenview Randy, where do you live?" The boy knew he shouldn't say anything, but he said "I live naturist modell in teeny erotic models Coopersville; I go to Coopersville Middle School." He blurted out to Sal. Sal smiled. Gee that is close to models petite ukrain me, you and I could meet if you wanted, I could take you to lunch on Friday, you get out early on saskia teen model Fridays, don't you Randy"?" Randy stammered "Gee, gee I do know Sal, I shouldn't." Sal moved in OK if you don't want to meet me, I'll understand, but it hurts me, I thought we were friends!" Randy relented "ok we model olita can get lunch Sal; I get out a t noon." Sal smiled and then logged off. He sat back and rubbed his hands together "so far, so good, into the web comes the fly!" Sal was there with his big van. He stood next to the fence as the kids departed the school. He spied Randy by his limp. The boy walked toward him when another black teens models kid ran by Randy and slapped him in the back of the head "fucking gimp!" the said laughing. The kid came by Sal laughing and running and didn't see Sal stick out his foot. Sal caught the kid's foot and the kid went head over heels onto his face. Sal walked up to him "punk, you should watch who you run into, I ought to kick barbie teen model your ass. The kid looked up at latinsexmodels Sal "gee, sir I didn't see you." he lay there wiping to blood from his nose. "Yea, I still ought to kick your ass, you better apologize to the kid you slapped or we might have to go to the nude model polyna hospital to get my size eleven taken out of your ass." The boy rose and looked at Randy "sorry Randy, I really am!" The kid looked at Sal and ran. Randy walked up to Sal "I guess you free naked models ruined Chuck's day?" calendario modelo desnuda Sal opened the door to his big van kids nacked model and got in on the other side. "I hate when kids pick on other kids." Sal said and drove away. "Where do you want to pick up lunch?" Randy shrugged "I don't know, Burger King or Mc Donald's.?" Sal used the drive through at Burger King and ordered food for the both of them. Sal drove down by the river to a secluded area vlad models usnet and parked. They ate and Randy looked around the van "is that a bed back preeteen models pictures there?" Sal said "it's a mattress, wana try it out?" Randy wasn't sure elegant models porn how to take it. "What do you mean Sal?" he asked Sal smiled nude female modeling "we can lay there csm model pics and talk, if you want?" Randy got up blac nude models and kneeled on the soft pile. small girls models Sal was soon there with him. "Comfortable isn't it? Randy nodded. Sal reached into naked teen model a cabinet and pulled out the latest copy of B.T.W. monthly. The cover had a gay modelling agencies blond headed boy named Gordie. His arm draped around a large Rottweiler, the sub title said "Our tgp youngmodels Slut boy Gordie submits to El Diablo, story on page 34. Sal sat back something for you to take home and read Randy. Randy thumbed through the magazine, his blue eyes getting bigger and bigger. He looked up at Sal and then went back to the magazine. latina model guerra "Holy crap Sal, wow, this is real?" Sal chuckled "it sure is Randy, have you ever soaked in a hot tub?" Randy adjusted his penis "what?" "Have you ever been in a hot tub?" Randy had to tear away his eyes "no, I haven't Sal." "I have 15 yo models one, want to try it out?" Randy still devouring the magazine said "yea, sure, sounds like fun." Sal got behind the wheel and drove to his home on the outskirts of town. He pulled into the driveway and they went in. Sal showed the boy the big hot tub "you better take off you clothing and hop in." Sal was stripping and Randy did likewise. Naked they climbed it, the bubbles ran up their bodies "this is nice Sal, I love this, you know it makes my foot feel better, it aches at times." Sal took hold of the foot and massaged preeten teeny models it. Randy closed his eyes as Sal massaged up the leg until he reached the bare cock and rubbed it. "Oooohhhh Sal I'm getting hard." Sal felt the four inches get very hard in his hand; he began to jack Randy tyler child model off. Sal looked at the boys closed eyes "stand up Randy, I'm gonna petite ilegal models suck your cock." Randy's blue eyes got real big and quickly got to his feet, his hard cock pointing at Sal. His eyes stared at Sal as the cock was engulfed in Sal's mouth. He rocked back and forth in fucking movements. Sal's hands were also busy. His right youngnudemodels hand btm jessi model found Randy's butt and worked between the cheeks and found the ripe virgin hole. He rubbed and heard Randy moan "ooohhh what are you doing Sal, but didn't try to pull away, the finger pushed into the hole to nashua bikini models the first knuckle, then to the seconded and finally the whole finger. Randy still didn't try to pull away; he rocked on the finger as it probed his tight anus! "Are you finger fucking me Sal, you are aren't you? Sal kept sucking Randy's cock, his mouth full, and his tongue lapping the hard tween models boi-meat. Randy's eyes closed he was rocking the feeling was overwhelming, he loved the sucking he was getting "I could really get use to this" he moaned to himself. He horney little models finger worked in and out, it rubbed a place that really sent pretenn model pantie sharp feelings deep in his sexual being. A hard cum was building inside; he rocked back and forth harder. Sal now working two fingers in and out of the more open anus, Randy moaned "oooohhhh Sal I'm going asian mini models to cum, please make me cum, pleased don't stop, Sal sucked and finger fucked him harder. The boy's azur plastic models cock swelled, ranger model 30 the head got steel hard, the slit model wallpapers opened wide and hot creamy sperm belched into Sal's sucking and swallowing mouth, his tongue rolled over the spewing head and licked it clean. Randy's legs got rubbery, he had to sit back. Sal sat on his heels and licked his lips "damn Randy you taste heavenly, I could suck you forever, yes forever." Randy sat and tried to regain his regular breathing. His blue eyes opened and Sal's big cock was in front of models young net his lips, he knew he was going to have to suck Sal, the same way child model skirts Sal sucked him. He weakly took hold of the big purple headed cock, his red tongue went out into a creamy bead on the head, it did not have a taste, he opened wide and his red lips engulfed the cock and clamped down litttle models behind the throbbing head. It felt hot on his tongue, he let Sal push it in farther, his saliva was flowing and small model guitars he bathed Sal's hard cock with his slick liquid. He sucked, he swallowed. Sal's hips pushed in and out across his tight lips, he had traded sucking with his friend, but now he had a big one, a real hot one, he sucked, he licked and took it in as far as he could until in the back of his throat, he gagged. His blue eyes tear's up and streaking his cheeks, yet he kept sucking and licking Sal's hard penis. His cock was rising again, this excited him, and it celebrities female models was new! He held Sal's hard cock with both hands, topless 14yo model he wanted some control, he was into this, his saliva rand down his naked chest. Sal's hands ran through Randy's hair as he rocked in and out "suck it Randy, you are doing a wonderful job, it feels so good, when I cum, swallow it all, please swallow it all." Sal could feel the building up, he throbbed, the head tingled, his sperm was almost there. His cock swelled in Randy's mouth, Sal hand a hand behind Randy's head when the piss slit opened and multimodels pics his hot sperm splashed against Randy's throat, he had to swallow he couldn't move his head. Four times he swallowed; his lips were clamped down behind the corona. His tongue young petit models was covered with the fifth ejaculate and again he atmospheric models swallowed the last of the sperm. The cock slipped from with his mouth, he was breathing hard and looked up at Sal, and smiled at the older man, Sal smiled back "man "o" man Randy that was good, one of the best blow jobs I ever got and bent down and kissed the boys lips. He sat down and held the boy next to him, the water bubbled on their bodies. Sal leaned over to Randy "the next time I plan to fuck you Randy." Randy rolled his sandy young model bz haired head over to Sal "promises Sal?" Sal smiled "I promise! He took Randy models nude jpg home, it was getting late. He got home and there was a note from his aunts bikini models boy (going to BINGO, dinner in frig; heat it up in the microwave, Love Aunt Jean!) Randy shrugged and went to his room and lay in his bed going through the magazine, he was hard again and he took alexandra child model off everything and held his cock while he leafed through the B.T.W. monthly with the other, after twenty minutes he roiled over and jacked off. With sperm on his belly he dipped fingers in and licked them clean until all of his discharge was gone. The next afternoon he was again on the computer scanning the B.T.W. network and Channel 6969. He ended up in the chat room and Sal quickly found him. "Hi Randy, I missed you." Again Randy was blushing "Hi Sal, how are you?" Sal quickly told him "I am so hot for you Randy, can I pick you young 13 model up at noon again on Friday?' Randy still wasn't sure, but after some prodding he relented and said "yes!" Friday Sal waited, leaning against the big van he saw the boy with the limp. The kid who had hit Randy in the head was nowhere in site. "Hey Sal you're here!" Sal opened the door and let Randy climb in. He helped by buckling Randy in. They stopped at Mickey "D's" drive through and got lunch. Sal drove home and they ate naked around elliotts beautiful models the hot tub, then sat in the hot bubbling water. Randy knew boys models sex what would be coming; in fact he had anticipated it. The last Friday he had told Sal he could have katiachild model torrent him and here he was. Sal's hands were getting busy; they little models rop roamed over Randy's luda vladmodels body. Randy reciprocated and his hand grasped Sal's hard cock. He jacked it up and down under the warm water; he added a thumb that rolled over the hard purple head. Sal's mouth found Randy's and both hands were finding Randy's cock and fingers were probing the virgin hole, Sal's goal for his cock. Randy's head lay back on the side of the tub, Sal's tongue teased Randy's tongue. Sal's right hand was inserting the second finger inside of Randy, the left jacked his cock. Randy's moans were being interrupted by his heavy breathing. He kept bouncing on the fingers that were deep inside of his nubile body Sal whispered into Randy's ear"let's go to the larisa ls models bedroom." Randy was to hot and bothered to say a word, he just nodded "yes" the two climbed from the tub and Sal dried his off and then himself, Holding Randy's smaller hand and took him into the big bedroom, picked up the smaller boy and gently laid him on the big bed, Sal lay down next to the wide eyed boy. Sal's mouth worked on Randy's body. Sucking his nipples and sucking his cock, while his fingers stretched the waiting receptacle for his rampant cock. Sal primed Randy with extra lube and splayed his legs, then centered himself between them. Sal placed his hard penis at the stretched hole "when I push in Randy, you push out like you have to take a crap, when you relax you'll suck in my cock, Randy still wide eyed nodded "yes!" Sal pushed in and Randy pushed out. Sal's ls model foto big purple head was rejected by the very tight anal ring. He continued to push and finally they worked together and his hard helmet found entrance into the very tight channel. Randy squirmed and moaned "Sal I-I-it's too big, oh god you're stretching me, and you're splitting me!" Sal continued pushing until he was all the way inside of Randy's very tight hole, his black pubic hair covered the impaled hole!" Sal rested on top of Randy's thin body and caught his breath, he was sweating profusely. He finally began to pump his hips driving his hard fleshy stalk in and out of the now well fucked boy! Randy's splayed legs locked behind Sal's midsection and rocked too and fro with hard driving of Sal's model young net throbbing organ. Sal's mouth found Randy's and they sucked each other's tongue as Sal fucked the boy with lustful abandon. The hard penis found Randy's spot, the boy didn't understand why he felt uncomfortable with the stretching, yet his insides felt funny, chelmsford model railway it made his cock hard and the head tingle, with the rubbing of Sal's stomach, it made him feel very sexual, he throbbed. "Sal, I don't understand I think you're gonna make me cum, I feel some pain, yet I want to cum." Sal fucked him harder and faster. atistic models Sal was getting the feeling also, and he wanted to make naked models foto them both cum. Randy was now bucking up at Sal who was driving in the boy harder, he was breathing deep and very hard, his cock was gaining girth, Randy's cock was gaining girth and the smaller red marosmodels cap opened wide and Sal felt the boy cum on him. He also sped up, his hot creamy sperm flooded the boy's insides, the guidance model release was wonderful! Sal realized his body lay atop of Randy's; he rolled over on his back exhausted. Randy's legs were still splayed wide, his well reamed hole pulsed and Sal's sperm flowed and pooled between Randy's thin legs. "I feel so open Sal; will I ever be the same?" Sal rose up and looked "your body will go back to normal, but inside Randy you will always be different, you are going to want to fuck everyone from now on! Randy looked at Sal wide eyed "I'll want to fuck everyone, wow, vladmodels katya that's sure a lot of people and a lot of cock!"Part 2: Searching for more cock!Thanks to Cuttterman, he mature models xxx helped me start out! Thanks to the artists who give me the ideas for stories, models bbw agencies Jellofunk, Heredia and the others!Look For: Part 2 of Stray Boys and Part 5 of "Ian Crocker!"
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